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high CPU utilization and outofmemory issue with vIDM 3.3.x integrated with vRA 8.x


vIDM 3.3.1 /vIDM 3.3.2 integrated with vRA 8.0/vRA 8.1 and LCM


The initial analysis indicates there could be a potential issue around internal postgres query cache, a considerable number of SCIM APIs triggered by vRA “DB Cache replication Thread”

Also, the number of concurrent logins and Number of users synched


For the OutofMemory issue, the immediate fix is to increase the memory size and number of CPUs.

We found that the vIDM setup is stable with 4 number of CPUs and 16 GB of RAM/Memory.

Advice to make 4 CPUs ad 16 GB RAM as default configuration instead of 2 CPUs and 6 GB ram (which is existing default hardware configuration in vIDM 3.3.1 and vIDM 3.3.2 OVAs).

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