Failed to save workflow schema, vRO HTML5 client exception

One of the major enhancements vRealize Automation 7.6 brings to the table is HTML5 functionality in vRO.

To name a few on what it brings to the table

  • Build , Import , Edit , Debug and Execute workflows from HTML5 interface

  • Create , update and use workflow configuration elements

  • Compare and restore different versions of the same workflow side by side

  • Enhanced dashboard and permissions for WebClient

  • Improvement in workflow run troubleshooting

But during one of two instances , i did see a problem with this new HTML5 vRO client where it does not allow you to save workflows

Issue is seen due to a bug in GA version of this component.

Let's see on how to resolve this problem


Download JGit cli client

curl -k --output jgit


Move jgit to /usr/bin, set it to executable and change its owner to vco

mv jgit /usr/bin/ chown vco:vco /usr/bin/jgit


Remove the HEAD ref of the master

mv /storage/db/vcodata/git/__SYSTEM.git/refs/heads/master /var/lib/vco/master_ref.backup


Check where the HEAD should be cd /storage/db/vcodata/git/__SYSTEM.git jgit log

Get the commit ref sha from the first line. ex: 01bb5f58716dc12016b4fd8798c7fa8c91c76bf3


Login as vco

su - vco


Create the master ref

echo '01bb5f58716dc12016b4fd8798c7fa8c91c76bf3' > /storage/db/vcodata/git/__SYSTEM.git/refs/heads/master


Run jgit garbage collection

cd /storage/db/vcodata/git/__SYSTEM.git jgit gc


Login as root again and make sure everything in the git folder is owned by vco:vco

exit cd /storage/db/vcodata/git/__SYSTEM.git chown -R vco:vco


Restart vRO server

service vco-server restart


Create a workflow and then try to save it , it should work as expected

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