• Arun Nukula

Enabling debug logging for vRA's horizon

Execute below commands to enable debug logging for vRA's horizon and connector components.

sed -i 's/rootLogger=INFO/rootLogger=DEBUG/g' /usr/local/horizon/conf/saas-log4j.properties

sed -i 's/rootLogger=INFO/rootLogger=DEBUG/g'/usr/local/horizon/conf/hc-log4j.properties

There is no restart required after changing these settings

Execute below commands to disable debug logging

sed -i 's/rootLogger=DEBUG/rootLogger=INFO/g' /usr/local/horizon/conf/saas-log4j.properties

sed -i 's/rootLogger=DEBUG/rootLogger=INFO/g' /usr/local/horizon/conf/hc-log4j.properties

Again there is no restart needed after reverting back

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