• Arun Nukula

Check vRO heap usage

Updated: May 22, 2020

Browse to path


and then execute below command

grep heap.usage metrics.log* | grep -v non | sed 's/.*value=//g' | perl -e 'use List::Util qw(max min sum); @a=();while(<>){$sqsum+=$_*$_; push(@a,$_)};$n=@a;$s=sum(@a);$a=$s/@a;$m=max(@a);$mm=min(@a);$std=sqrt($sqsum/$n-($s/$n)*($s/$n));$mid=int @a/2;@srtd=sort @a;if(@a%2){$med=$srtd[$mid];}else{$med=($srtd[$mid-1]+$srtd[$mid])/2;};print "records:$n\nsum:$s\navg:$a\nstd:$std\nmed:$med\max:$m\min:$mm";'

this will give values for current heap usage inside vRO appliance ( example below )

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