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VAMI portal changes in vRealize Automation 7.5

Just upgraded my lab to RA 7.5, so thought to blog on changes in VAMI from 7.4 to 7.5


When you take an SSH session to a vRA node, now it shows what's MASTER and what's REPLICA on the ssh session itself


In Previous versions "Cluster" and "Database" settings were under vRA tab on VAMI portal. In 7.5 "Cluster" is now a separate tab which includes "Database" options as well

VAMI 7.4

VAMI 7.5

As you can see above Cluster and Database settings are now merged.

You have an additional option for taking a Database Dump. When we click on this option it would generate vRA appliance's postgres database dump under /tmp

Dump would be in the format of

This is a good feature from VMware Support perspective and can be taken without any downtime or stopping services.


Support bundle option has now been removed from Cluster tab as it was on 7.4 and now moved under Logs tab in 7.5

Log Bundle collection in 7.4

Log Bundle Collection in 7.5


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