Arun Nukula is a Senior Solution Architect and a Technology Leader at VMware with experience in Cloud Automation and Management

Started my career as a Software Engineer at Hewlett Packard , learnt the skills which gave an opportunity to work at VMware

Joined VMware in the year 2010 as a Solutions Engineer , worked with some brilliant minds and experts before deciding to be a Consultant at BMC Software

This is where i got introduced to Cloud Automation and Management. Worked as an Architect for Public and Private Cloud implementations

Then took a step to be a Cloud Content Developer for  BMC Marketplace at Cognizant. Worked on some exciting projects  by creating out of the box blueprints for SAP and it's products

But , eventually had to return home  that's VMware in 2014

Donned various roles in my second stint  like  Senior Engineer , Staff and then Senior Staff.  Worked with Account Managers , Sales , Professional Services , Major Telcos  , Banks  in APJ and ANZ , SEAK and many more customers of VMware

I love VMware's vRealize suite of products.  As a Senior Cloud Solution Architect my responsibility is to ensure the products are implemented , adopted and used to its potential.

Also work with the most strategic and critical accounts globally and ensure their product journey is as smooth as possible

NUKESCLOUD is all about vRealize suite of products and some important content which will help you in your journey

I am a certified Product Manager too. Have contributed many ideas which have been incorporated into products. 

In short , I am a strategic thinker , collaborative leader , executioner , good listener and finally  one who has passion for products with  customer-centric  mindset

All thoughts, ideas, and rants are my own and are in no way representative of my employer.

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